Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas, NV

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Take a one day trip with us! We offer the best tours with the best value, guaranteed.

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas, NV

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Take a one day trip with us! We offer the best tours with the best value, guaranteed.

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas, NV

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Take a one day trip with us! We offer the best tours with the best value, guaranteed.

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas, NV

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Take a one day trip with us! We offer the best tours with the best value, guaranteed.

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas make a visit to Las Vegas a true adventure. By taking one of the regular Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, you can add variety and excitement to your vacation plans. Why limit your vacation experience to Las Vegas when you can visit the surrounding area? In fact, you are just a day trip away from two spectacular attractions: the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

Select One Of Several Exciting Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

Take a break from the nightlife and gambling for the day, and enjoy one of our featured Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are two landmarks that you will want to include on your Las Vegas travel itinerary.

We offer luxury bus tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim and West Rim as well as the Hoover Dam. Whether you choose to explore your destination by foot, or soar over the canyon in a helicopter, we feature Grand Canyon tours that will meet your budget and travel preferences. In fact, you will probably spend more gambling than what you will spend when you take one of our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

A Shorter Travel Option

If you don’t want to spend an entire day away from Las Vegas, you might want to consider taking our Hoover Dam tour. When you visit the Hoover Dam, you can see this amazing landmark up-close and explore how power is harnessed using the dam. The Hoover Dam is only a 30-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip with tours leaving daily at 8:00 AM. These tours only last about half of the day, so you are left with plenty of time to do other activities throughout Las Vegas.

Booking Your Dream Tour Online

We like to keep things simple for our guests. From scheduling your tour, to meeting the tour bus, to exploring your destination, we make the process easy. That is why you can schedule your Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam adventure online today. Review the featured tours from Las Vegas and find your day trip adventure! You can always contact us with any questions. We will be happy to give you further details about each of the trips displayed on our site.

We can assist you with arranging a unique and fun trip on one of our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. Give us a call at 888-866-4135, or send us a message on our contact page to get in touch.

Navigating Grand Canyon Day Tours From Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon receives about 6 million visitors annually. However, that does not mean you will find yourself in the midst of a jam-packed park. The Grand Canyon is about the size of the state of Delaware (around 2,000 square miles), so you can enjoy the park grounds peacefully on your own.

One way you can avoid the crowds is by visiting the park during the spring, autumn, or winter. These are the least busy seasons for travel to the canyon. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas also permit you to enjoy the park in the summer, which is the peak season for travel.

When you travel by bus to the canyon, you will have no trouble accessing the park. That is because the canyon tours, hosted by Grand Vegas Tours, are efficiently organized and scheduled for your convenience.

These are great day trips from Vegas to take if you want to see some of the natural sights outside of Las Vegas. You can enjoy the best of both worlds in one vacation when you visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. In addition, each of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are both affordable and memorable. All our tours leave daily with morning departures from Las Vegas. Guests return in the evening by luxury tour bus.

The Grand Canyon South Rim

We have two amazing tours to the Grand Canyon South Rim. There is the Grand Canyon National Park luxury bus tour and the Grand Canyon National Park small group tour. Our South Rim luxury bus tour travels in a 55 passenger motor coach and is our most popular tour option. The South Rim small group tour provides a more personalized, VIP experience while traveling in a 14 passenger Mercedes van.

Guests leave Las Vegas in the early morning and travel along Route 66 through the Mohave Desert. You will love seeing the South Rim because you will see the sights people love in Grand Canyon National Park. To keep the traveling fun on this full day trip, guests enjoy snacks, water, Wi-Fi, and movies on the bus. An on-board restroom makes travel faster and more comfortable for guests as well.

What You Will See At The South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park is located at the South Rim of the canyon. Once at the Grand Canyon South Rim, you will you get to take great pictures of the canyon and explore on your own. Or, you can add a walking tour guide to your trip if you want to learn more about the canyon. The following are some of the well known viewpoints and attractions to see at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Village

This village features some must-see sights and attractions. All the below spots are located in Grand Canyon Village, the main tourist area at the South Rim.

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas Feature The Railroad Depot

Grand Canyon National Park is also home to a number of National Historic Landmark sites. One site of note is the Grand Canyon Railroad Depot. This is where the historic Grand Canyon Train arrives and departs from the South Rim.

El Tovar Hotel

A famous South Rim landmark, El Tovar was built in 1905. It has greeted such well-known people, as Zane Grey, Theodore Roosevelt, and former President Bill Clinton. The lodge features accommodations as well as a fine dining restaurant and gift shop.

Kolb Studio

The Kolb brothers worked as photographers at the Grand Canyon, and built this photo studio in 1904. The studio now houses displays, a bookstore, and an auditorium, used for programs and lectures.

Bright Angel Lodge

This rustic Grand Canyon lodge is also a National Historic Landmark. Like Hermit’s Rest, the lodge was designed by famous Grand Canyon architect Mary Jane Colter and built in 1935. At that time, the Fred Harvey Company operated the lodge. A history exhibit on the company is featured at the property.

Lookout Studio

A lookout featured over the South Rim, this building was constructed in 1914 to serve as an observation point for the Fred Harvey Company. You can buy rock specimens, books, and photo prints at the studio’s gift shop.

South Rim Natural Attractions

In addition to the historic Grand Canyon Village, you will want to visit these natural attractions at the South Rim.

Bright Angel Trail

This trail is a very safe and well-worn hiking trail. It is a great path to take if you are a first-time visitor to Grand Canyon National Park. Offering incredible views and vistas from just off the trail, you will not be disappointed.

Mather Point

This viewpoint is closest to the entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. Because it is a short walk from the park’s Visitor Center, it will be the first overlook you will see. You will be shocked that the views can get better than Mather Point. However, as you walk the Rim Trail, you will see that they do.

Animals To See On Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

You will also find a number of indigenous wild animals and plants located on the South Rim. Below are some of the animals you may see when visiting Grand Canyon National Park and the South Rim.

The California Condor

This magnificent bird is currently endangered. That is why it is thrilling when you see the bird flying over the canyon. It has a 10-foot wingspan, making it the largest of any flying bird in North America. The best time to spot the bird on the South Rim is from April to September. The best viewpoints and sites for viewing the Condor are Yavapai Point and the Lookout Studio. You can also participate in a ranger-led discussion about the condor at the South Rim’s amphitheater in Grand Canyon Village.

Grand Canyon Butterflies

You can see the 292 butterfly species that call the Grand Canyon South Rim home in just about any area of the park. The two-tailed swallowtail butterfly is the largest butterfly seen in the park. It features a wingspan of about 6.5 inches. Compare that to the smallest butterfly, the Western pygmy butterfly, with a wingspan of about one-half inch.

Grand Canyon Elk

This graceful but large animal sometimes can be seen nibbling outside El Tovar. Keep your distance if you see this animal, as it is considered one of the more dangerous animals in Grand Canyon National Park. For instance, a bull elk may weigh more than a grizzly, or as much as 1,200 pounds.

Endangered And Threatened Animal Species

The South Rim and Grand Canyon National Park is home to a number of endangered and threatened animals as well. Some of these animals include the Mexican spotted owl, the aforementioned California Condor, and the willow flycatcher.

For more in depth and up to date information about the park, read the Grand Canyon National Park website updates.

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas To The West Rim

Our other popular tour destination is the Grand Canyon West Rim, part of the reservation of the Hualapai (WALL-uh-pie) Tribe. For a really exciting escape, you might consider seeing the West Rim by helicopter, boat, and bus. You really get the full experience with this tour. First, you travel to the West Rim in one of our luxury buses. Then, you take a helicopter ride around and into the canyon floor. Lastly, you take a boat ride along the Colorado River. This combination tour allows you to see the West Rim from every angle and viewpoint available.

Visit The Incomparable Skywalk

The West Rim of the canyon also features the famous glass Skywalk bridge. The Skywalk is a cantilever bridge that consists of a durable see-through glass material. The platform is so strong, it can hold 800 200-pound people. However, the maximum occupancy of the bridge is 120 people.

The bridge can also withstand windspeeds as high as 100 miles per hour and earthquakes with an 8.0 magnitude. The horseshoe-shaped resilient glass Skywalk is yet another reason people love Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

Preparing For One Of The Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

To prepare for any Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, you want to make sure you are dressed properly. The weather at the canyon varies greatly throughout the seasons, so it is best to check it before your tour. While our tour service will provide plenty of water and snacks for the trip, it does not hurt to bring some extra food for the journey.

Additionally, you will want to bring cash or credit card to purchase any food or souvenirs you might want. Remember, if you travel during peak season, the summer, you will want to dress for the extreme heat. Make sure you wear layered clothing and a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15.

Why You Should Take One Of The Tours From Las Vegas

When you take a tour by bus from Las Vegas, you can take a break from gambling to do some incredible sightseeing. Taking a luxury bus is better, as you can learn more about the sights from an expert travel guide. That makes any of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas interesting and exciting. You can also lie back and relax on your tour bus, talk with friends and family, or read. Because you don’t have to worry about driving yourself, the traveling is effortless.

The Hoover Dam Classic Tour

Our closest tour destination from Las Vegas is to the Hoover Dam. Located just one hour outside of Las Vegas, you can take a quick day trip to the Hoover Dam on this favorite day tour from Las Vegas. Grand Vegas Tours offers this affordable day trip if you want to break away from Vegas gambling for a while. Take a luxury bus and enjoy a variety of amenities, including Wi-Fi, snacks, and movies along the way. By taking this trip, you can see some fabulous sites just outside of Las Vegas. For example, Lake Mead, which is located next to Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam Power Plant

This tour takes about two hours, and permits visitors to see the famous dam from various angles. Travelers first stop at the Visitor Center before taking a Hoover Dam tour. After entering the Visitor’s Center, guests travel deep below the ground to view the Hoover Dam power plant. All the visitors take the elevator down to the Penstock Viewing Platform. This platform permits guest to see pumping operations. Water is pumped from Lake Mead at an amazing 90,000 gallons per second.

The water ultimately travels to the plant’s generators. View 8 of the 17 generators used to generate electricity. The last part of the Hoover Dam tour leads to the top of the landmark. Your tour guide will introduce you to major buildings and statues surrounding the dam and elaborate on each of their histories. Lake Mead is located on one side of the Hoover Dam while the Colorado River is on the other side. Following your tour of Hoover Dam, you will go see the Pat Tillman-Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge. From the bridge, you will get a view of the dam from a better vantage point.

A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

When you take Grand Canyon tours, you can choose from one of various excursions, all of which are affordable and exciting. If you are visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, it is best to opt for a South Rim bus tour. This is because the South Rim is less remote and more well known than the West Rim. You will be transported by luxury bus to Grand Canyon National Park. The South Rim is the most popular part of the Grand Canyon, as it regularly plays host to about 6 million people annually.

Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas permit Las Vegas visitors to enjoy a diversion from their Vegas vacation. Taking a day trip by bus permits you to experience the natural beauty of this part of the United States. Regardless of when you see the Grand Canyon, it truly is a one-of-a-kind experience, much like Las Vegas itself.

If you are seeking a fun and variety-packed trip, you should include the Grand Canyon on your Las Vegas itinerary. Whether you take one of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you will find enchantment at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas Have Something For Everyone

Get out into the fresh air, and choose to raft, swim, hike, horseback ride, or take a leisurely stroll. The weather is typically sunny and dry if you go from the spring to fall. Even a summer rainstorm won’t prevent you from enjoying the canyon. It is usually brief, and leaves the air refreshingly clean.

We at Grand Vegas tours are totally committed to helping you enjoy your trip. You can take one of our featured Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas or we can customize your travel experience. Read further about each of our popular tours using the tabs above.

Early Morning Departures For Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

At the bottom of each tour page, you will find a booking form and calendar. Choose the number of passengers in your group and select a date. Early morning departures are always available at 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, or 8:00 AM, depending on the trip you choose.

Reach us by email at with any specific questions, or call us at 888-866-4135. Our local number in Las Vegas is 702-550-1419. Like us on Facebook to share your tour experience as well. We can’t wait to hear from you! Please note, all prices are subject to change without notice.

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