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Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Bus Tour

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Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Bus Tour

Our Grand Canyon West Rim Lux Bus Tour with Grand Vegas Tours will give you a breathtaking experience. Climb aboard our tidy and comfy high-end bus for the journey of a lifetime. You will see remarkable views and have an amazing time. Our experienced and entertaining local tour guide will take you along to make sure you get all the most exciting views, photos and memories. You’ll get to experience Boulder City, the Hoover Dam, the Joshua Tree Forest, Eagle Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Guano Point, Hoover Dam and more!

Convenient Pick-Up And Drop Off

We supply hotel pick-ups and departures by most resorts. Pick-ups begin at approximately 6:00 AM. There is no time wasted at a check-in terminal since we leave directly after hotel pick-ups.

Travel To Grand Canyon West Rim In Comfort

We know that comfort along the drive to/from the canyon is important for our passengers. That is why our superior buses have modern seating, video entertainment and a washroom.

What To Carry Along

  • A camera will go a long way in preserving great moments on your Grand Canyon West Rim scenic tour.
  • Bring sunblock and a hat to shield yourself from the sunlight.
  • Carry along some money or your charge card to acquire souvenirs.
  • Put on comfy close toe walking shoes
  • Dress in layers for the occasionally unpredictable rain storms


It is now time to hit the road! You will see many different views and destinations during your Grand Canyon West Rim journey. First stop will be in Boulder City for a restroom break where there are optional hot breakfast and drink items.

Joshua Tree Forest

Along the roadway to the West Rim, you will see part of the impressive Joshua Tree forest within the Mojave Desert. This unique plant was acknowledged by the Indians for its beneficial residential properties. Its challenging fallen leaves were utilized to make sandals and baskets, while the blossom buds, and the raw seeds, were included in the Indian diet regimen. The neighborhood tribes have referred to it as “humwichawa.” Mormon immigrants around the mid-19th century called the tree as they went across the Colorado River. It was named after the biblical Joshua owing to the outstretched limbs of the tree that directed the tourists westwards.

Eagle Point

What a view! Eagle Point obtains its name from the canyon rock development resembling an eagle. The theater hosts Indigenous American dance efficiencies between 1 and 5 PM daily. Make sure to check out the Indian Village and also the different handmade creations by Native Hands shop.

The Indigenous American Store has different exciting things, from hats, tee shirts, handmade weavings, and jewelry made by the Hopi, Majove, and Hualapai people. Remember to take home an item of the Hualapai culture with you.

You will also get to see the homes of the indigenous people of the Grand Canyon West Rim region, such as the Navajo, Hualapai, Plains, Havasupai, and Hopi. Stroll throughout the traditional homes, sweat lodges, and ovens. Each function’s design, functionality, and style are explained.

The World Famous Grand Canyon Skywalk

The horse-shoe-designed Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is 10 feet wide and extends around 70 feet over the end of the canyon. From the bridge, you can see down 4,000 feet to the ground below. The Skywalk is a wonder that visitors travel from across the globe to see.

Have no fear of walking on the glass since the Skywalk can sustain over seventy fully occupied 747 aircrafts. After walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, check out the Skywalk Shop if you would like to get some keepsakes.

Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets are optional and available to purchase when booking your tour. The tour price does not include Skywalk tickets.

Guano Point

Some say this is the most unique perspective of the Grand Canyon. Here, you get a 360-degree view of the Grand Canyon West Rim. Nevertheless, be cautious as there are no barriers. Look down at the remnants of a cable car that stretched across the canyon to a bat guano mine. The Guano Point gift shop at viewpoint of the canyon has Native American crafts as well as jewelry.

The history of Guano Point stems from a nitrogen-rich guano cavern active in the 1930s. The U.S. Guano Firm bought the land and made a tramway system for removal. It was developed from the mine to the existing Guano Point. It went across the river with a span of 7,500 feet. The cave’s sources were dried up in 1959.

The Hualapai Tribe

Hualapai means “people of the tall pines.” Additionally, the Hualapai reservation overlaps 108 miles of the Colorado River and the southerly end of the Grand Canyon. The tribe members add up to only approximately 2,300 who the majority of live in Peach Springs.

The Hualapai historically stayed in the base of the Hualapai Mountains, close to Kingman, Arizona. Their traditional homeland was more extensive than their current reservation.

The Hualapai continue to speak their original language and you may get the opportunity to learn some words and phrases.

Hoover Dam

On the return trip we will make a stop at the amazing Hoover Dam for one final spectacular photo opportunity!

Why Choose Grand Vegas Tours?

We provide the very best value for your money! We offer the most tour experience for your money, hands down!

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Tour Includes:

  • As our guest, you will spend 4 hours at the Grand Canyon West Rim.
  • Guests will visit the Welcome CenterEagle PointGuano Point, and the Hoover Dam
  • We provide pick ups and drop offs near and around most hotels. Don’t see your meeting spot for pick up on the list? Please contact us to help arrange for transportation to a convenient meeting spot for pick up.
  • A fresh Deli Lunch with your choice of Turkey, Ham or Veggie along with chips, fruit and a cookie. We also provide a breakfast snack.
  • Our drivers care about you. Our drivers and tour guides are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
  • Plenty of bottled water to keep you hydrated!
  • We provide modern buses that are clean and comfortable.