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Hoover Dam tours are one of the easiest and most affordable outings you can take from Las Vegas. Seeing the impressive Hoover Dam and its accompanying famous bypass bridge is on many traveler’s must-see lists. If you wish to explore these famous sites close to Las Vegas, look no further than our Hoover Dam tours. All of our tours focus on comfort, convenience, fun, and creating lasting memories. Our Hoover Dam experience from Las Vegas is no different.

This Hoover Dam tour includes everything you could want and more. You will see breathtaking views of not only the dam and Lake Mead, but also the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. There will be plenty of photo ops along the way of the engineering feat as you stand above Black Canyon’s large drop from on top of the memorial bridge. You will even go inside the dam for a full Hoover Dam Powerplant tour.

Comfort And Convenience On Hoover Dam Tours

Our Hoover Dam tour starts with an easy pickup from your Las Vegas Strip hotel. Once you meet up with our luxury tour bus, the group will head out on this discovery tour from Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam is located just one hour from the Strip, making this one of the easiest and most affordable trips from Las Vegas.

Traveling on the Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas, your tour guide will share interesting facts and stories about the local Vegas area along the way. When you visit the Hoover Dam, you will first pass through a security checkpoint, then the bus will make its way toward the dam’s parking garage. There are many parking lots near the dam, but the parking garage is closest to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center where you will be dropped off first.

Where Your Tour Will Take You

Your first stop on this daytrip is the Hoover Dam Visitors Center. Here, you will be introduced to the Hoover Dam, its rich history, and some general information. From the dam visitor center, you will continue on your Hoover Dam journey 530 feet below ground level for the powerplant tour.

Each Hoover Dam visitor takes an elevator down to the Penstock Viewing Platform. From the platform, you will see eight of the plant’s 17 generators. You will see the pipes, 30 feet wide, that pump water from Lake Mead at an amazing rate of 90,000 gallons per second. The water travels to the powerplant’s generators so electricity can be produced for Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Returning To The Top Of The Dam

Visitors will then return to ground level to visit the exhibit gallery in the Visitor Center. In the gallery, you will see videos and interact with exhibits- all which will give you a better understanding about how the Hoover Dam operates. There is so much to know about this National Historic Landmark, so the exhibits are both entertaining and captivating.

Last Stop On Hoover Dam Tours

The last part of this day trip allows you to see the top of the dam on the outside. Your travel guides will direct you to statues and buildings around the concrete landmark, and provide you with details about their history. From the top of the dam, you will see views of Lake Mead on one side and the Colorado River on the other. You can also look straight down and see the expansive dam- spanning 726 feet into Black Canyon below. That is a truly amazing photo op.

Seeing The Dam On The Other Side Of The Colorado River

After exploring the Hoover Dam, your luxury tour bus will take you to the Pat Tillman-Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge. This memorial bridge was completed in 2010 and is located directly across from the dam. The bridge provides a spectacular view of the dam and the Colorado River.

Adding Excitement To Your Vegas Vacation

If you have been planning a trip to Vegas, you will want to visit Hoover Dam during your stay. The tours tickets are affordable and day trips from Las Vegas add fun and excitement to a trip.

If you would like to visit Hoover Dam in a more unique way, contact us to ask about helicopter tours and private tours to the dam and surrounding areas.

To enjoy the Hoover Dam tours throughout the year, it helps to know a little bit about the dam itself. We will share some Hoover Dam information that will make you want to add one of the Hoover Dam tours to your Vegas travel itinerary.

The Hoover Dam Basic Details

The Hoover Dam is one of the most famous and largest dams in the United States. It stands 726 feet tall, and is the country’s third largest source of power hydraulically. Over 20,000 men constructed the dam between 1931 and 1935, when it officially opened. Of these men, 96 died when building the now National Historic Landmark.

When President Hoover authorized the dam, he did so to provide a dependable water supply for the southern California area. He also wanted to control the flow of the Colorado River and provide irrigation for surrounding farmland. The dam is now under the control of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Hoover Dam tours give you a better understanding of the importance of this historic dam and reservoir.

A Dependable Supply Of Water

When building the Hoover Dam, local authorities goal was to provide the area with a dependable water supply. This added supply of water led to the development of the nearby city of Las Vegas. Today, the Hoover Dam provides water for communities in Arizona, Nevada, and California. This includes the cities of Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The dam supplies water to around 18 million people today.

Before the Hoover Dam was built, the Southwest could not farm the land because of a lack of water. A project, known as the Imperial Canal Project, transported water from the Colorado River to the border of Mexico, thus demonstrating the possibility of settlement.

By 1905, around 65,000 acres could be farmed because of these irrigation initiatives. At that time, the town of Calexico, Mexicali, and Imperial were established. This allowed around 12,000 people to reside and irrigate the surrounding land for farming. Today, the Hoover Dam irrigates over a million US acres and a half-million acres in Mexico. These areas cultivate and harvest grain, cotton, and fruit. Any Hoover Dam tours you take will help you realize how the dam contributes to the US and Mexican economies.

Controlling Flood Water

Damming the Colorado River by building the Hoover Dam removed flash flooding dangers at sites below the dam. In the early part of the 20th century, people experienced flooding regularly. Moreover, flooding of the Imperial Valley between the years of 1903 and 1907 triggered a large amount of crop losses. The building of the Hoover Dam controlled the flow of the river and prevented both floods and further erosion. When you plan to visit Hoover Dam, you can fully appreciate the history of this unique engineering feat.

The Largest Structure of Its Kind At The Time

At first, the Hoover Dam was known as the Boulder Dam. It is situated in Black Canyons deep ravine, sitting between the states of Nevada and Arizona. At the time of its construction, the Hoover dam was the largest electrical power generation site as well as the biggest concrete structure in the world.

Today, the dam’s size has been surpassed by the construction of dams in other countries, such as China. However, the Hoover Dam is still recognized as one of the largest U.S. dams. It stands at 726 feet tall and weighs 6.6 million tons.

Who Built The Dam?

When it was built, the Hoover Dam was financed by the federal government. Construction was collaborated by six companies. These companies included the following contractors

  • Morrison-Knudsen
  • The Pacific Bridge Company
  • The Bechtel Corporation/Henry J. Kaiser
  • The Utah Construction Company
  • F. Shea
  • MacDonald and Kahn

A Boon In The Great Depression

The construction of the dam cost around $50 million in 1931, with that amount escalating to a cost of about $690 million in this day and age. The creation of the dam produced a large number of jobs. This was extremely beneficial given the fact that the landmark was built during the Great Depression.

What The Dam Did For Farmers And Settlement

The building of the dam also improved the overall economy in terms of social growth and farming. Tourist revenue, today, also supports the area. Without the dam, Las Vegas and farming would not thrive as it does today.

The Dam’s Design – Innovative Yet Simple

If you visit the dam, or take one of the Hoover Dam tours, you will immediately notice the arch that it makes. This arch gravity design harnesses water and directs the water pressure to canyon walls. Because the dam is an arch gravity design, it requires the use of fewer materials, which makes it more cost-effective in terms of construction and labor.

The main advantage of constructing a gravity dam is because its design simple. The arch-gravity combination in a dam design also displaces water pressure more efficiently. When you take a Hoover Dam tour, you will quickly realize that the dam is extremely successful in accomplishing the tasks it was set out to do. Not only has the dam prevented flooding, it has supplied the needed irrigation for farming.

A Hydroelectric Wonder

The dam also makes it possible for the lights in Las Vegas to shine, as it provides plenty of hydroelectric power. However, with all its benefits, the building of the dam has also affected the wildlife. Because the dam provides a hydraulic power source, the temperature of the water often drops, which has led to the extinction of several species of fish. Also, the damming of the water, which once flowed into Mexico, has caused the vegetation to die along these river banks.

Nevertheless, when all is said and done, you will find when you take one of the Hoover dam tours, that the construction of the Hoover Dam was necessary. The 17 generators that sit at the base of the dam, can produce as much as 3 million horsepower. All which makes it possible for the power plant to supply electricity to Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Farming has also expanded to the extent that a significant number of people can be fed in the U.S. Overall, when you review the building of the dam on a Hoover Dam trip and see its operations, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

What to Expect On Hoover Dam Tours

When you take one of the Hoover Dam tours, the tour leaves at 7:00 AM from the Vegas area for a 7.5 hour trip. Grand Vegas Tours provides water, a light breakfast snack, and lunch. If you wish to leave a tip, a 10% gratuity is the typical industry standard.

Hoover Dam Tours Are For Everyone

Whether you take one of the Hoover Dam tours or opt for a trip to the Grand Canyon, none of the affordable day trips are strenuous. Therefore, they are  for just about anyone to enjoy. You can always move at a comfortable pace and do not have to be super fit physically.

What To Bring And Wear On Hoover Dam Tours

Make sure you bring a camera to capture the sights, and always bring a picture ID to be on the safe side. Beverages that you bring should have screw-on caps, and don’t forget your credit card or money if you wish to buy a souvenir.

The sun in the Southwest can burn you if you are not careful. Therefore, always apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. It also helps to wear long sleeves and pants or slacks, regardless of the heat. Otherwise, you may come back from your trip with a sunburn.

Always Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes for walking too, as you will be doing a lot of walking on Hoover Dam tours. Dressing in layers is also a good idea, especially in the summer when monsoon rains are common. If you take one of the Hoover Dam tours in winter, make sure you are warmly attired.

What To Do If You Cannot Keep Your Hoover Dam Tours Reservation

If you cannot take one of the Hoover Dam tours you scheduled with Grand Vegas Tours, you should advise us 24 hours before the start of the trip. Otherwise, you will not receive a refund. To get a refund, you should email Grand Vegas Tours at info@grandvegastours.com. Make sure you do so as soon as you find out you cannot go on the trip.

Any of the Hoover Dam tours do not include any hidden charges. What you pay is what you will pay for your trip. All the trips are affordable. Therefore, they may it possible for you to see more than Las Vegas on your Vegas vacations.

Other Tour Options From Grand Vegas Tours

Our tour company has tours to many other natural wonders. Grand Vegas Tours offers the ultimate day trips from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon South Rim and West Rim. There are breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon on these canyon tours that you will not want to miss. Las Vegas tours to any of our amazing destinations are worthwhile for visitors.

Book Your Hoover Dam Tour Today

For more information on the Hoover Dam, go to the Hoover Dam Bureau of Reclamation website.

If you choose to take one of the Hoover dam tours by luxury bus, you can enjoy amenities, such as WiFi and a convenient restroom located on the bus. Everything will be done by Grand Vegas Tours to make your trip both safe and pleasant. If you want to take a Hoover Dam tour or a Grand Canyon bus tour, you can easily add the trip with Grand Vegas Tours today. Make sure to Like us on Facebook so you can share your tour experience with us!

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