Hoover Dam Classic with Lake Mead Overlook

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Seeing the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead is simple, easy, fun, and memorable when you take a tour with Grand Vegas Tours. We provide luxury tour services for you at a price that will make you smile. First visitors will take our luxury tour bus from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam. There you will have the full Hoover Dam tour experience. Next, you will be escorted to the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, and then you will explore Boulder City.

You are on vacation, and that means you should be able to relax and leave the work behind. We help with this by coordinating hotel pickups directly from your Las Vegas Strip hotel the morning of your tour. Not only is this more convenient and time-saving for you, but it allows our tour to depart Las Vegas efficiently.

As you travel out of Las Vegas, your friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will point out landmarks and share the history of the area with you. You will remain entertained and comfortable throughout the drive as our busses all have individual air conditioning, adjustable seats, and an on-board restroom for your convenience.

A significant part of taking a Hoover Dam tour is how close it is to Las Vegas. It will only take about an hour before you arrive at your first destination on this tour, the famous Hoover Dam. Your first stop will be the Hoover Dam Visitor Center where you will begin your Hoover Dam tour. For the next two hours, you will see the Hoover Dam from many different angles and viewpoints, learn about its construction, history, and impact on the local area. You will see its inner workings and gain a deeper appreciation for this man-made wonder.

Once you explored the Visitor Center, your tour will continue deep underground, about 530 feet below ground level. This part of the tour is where you will see the Hoover Dam Powerplant. After the elevator ride down, you will step out onto the Penstock Viewing Platform. From here you will see pipes with a 30-foot-diameter that pump water from Lake Mead at 90,000 gallons per second. Continuing, you see where all that water ends up, in the dam’s powerplant generators. You will get a panoramic view and be able to see eight of the plant’s 17 generators that are larger than life. Returning to ground level, you will enter the Visitor Center Exhibit Gallery where you can explore models, videos, and interactive exhibits that give you more insight and understanding into the Hoover Dam.

The last part of the Hoover Dam tour will take you outside onto the top of the dam. Your guide will escort you to significant statues and buildings surrounding the dam and noting their history. This is when you will actually journey out onto the top of the dam for the view you have been waiting for. You will see Lake Mead on one side, the Colorado River on the other. You can also look straight down to see the dam stretching 726 feet to the bottom of the canyon below, a breathtaking view. After experiencing the Hoover Dam from top to bottom, your luxury tour bus will be waiting to take you to the next location.

Following the Hoover Dam tour, you will explore the Pat Tillman- Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge that is across from the dam. The bridge lends an incredible view of the Hoover Dam as well as the Colorado River that runs directly below it. Once you have spent time on the bridge and take all the photos you desire, your luxury tour bus will take you over to the Lake Mead Lookout point. Here you get a different view of the lake with its blue waters surrounded by tall rocky peaks. Your last stop will take you into the small town of Boulder City that sits between Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. In Boulder City, you will visit the Hoover Dam Museum, have lunch, and enjoy free time to explore the charming town before heading back into busy Las Vegas.

This tour allows you to see the amazing attractions right outside of Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Boulder City are serene one-day getaway trips from the Las Vegas Strip. Travel with Grand Vegas Tours and let us do the hard part of traveling so that you can focus on having fun and making memories.

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