A Grand Canyon bus tour is made comfortable and easy on our luxury buses.

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Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Grand Canyon bus tour guests from Las Vegas to the canyon are comfortable and having fun thanks to our fleet of luxury tour buses.

If you are thinking about taking one of the many Grand Canyon bus tours available from Vegas, you have come to the right place. By choosing Grand Vegas Tours, you will get the best in tour service and value.

We offer luxury buses that provide comfort and convenience on every day excursion. For example, you can travel to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in style in one of Grand Vegas Tour’s Mercedes Sprinters.

Mercedes Sprinters Are Great For Small Travel Groups

Mercedes Sprinters are designed to seat small groups of up to twelve passengers. These sightseeing vehicles boast fully adjustable leather seats and panoramic tinted windows that allow the best views. The vehicles have large rear and side doors, which make entering and exiting easy to do during pickup and dropoff.

You also can enjoy a high ceiling, giving you space to stretch, and insulated walls to keep you warm or cool. The suspension system is top of the line, which ensures a smooth ride from the time the tour departs to the time you arrive at the canyon. The climate control system on the bus also means that you can travel in the winter or summer and do so comfortably.

Mercedes Sprinter takes visitors on a Grand Canyon bus tour

Large Luxury Buses Define The Ultimate In Comfort

If you plan to take a Grand Canyon bus tour that leaves Las Vegas daily, you might choose to travel on one of the larger luxury tour buses featured by Grand Vegas Tours. These 55-passenger coaches seat more passengers, allowing for larger groups to travel together. This vehicle truly defines a premium luxury ride with its cushioned seats, lap belts, headrests, and footrests. All the bus’s seats are adjustable and there is storage room overhead for small bags and souvenirs you may get.

When you experience the Grand Canyon by luxury bus, you will find you will get more for your travel dollar. Each of the luxury buses features onboard Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and TV monitors for entertainment. When you board the bus in the morning, there will be bottled water and a breakfast snack waiting for you to enjoy. There are also buses that are wheelchair accessible, so inform us when you make your reservation if you need this feature and we will be sure to accommodate.

So, why should you take a luxury bus and take one of our Grand Canyon tours? Review the reasons for taking this day trip below. Buses leave early in the morning, around 6:00 am or 7:00 am and return later in the evening around 9:30 pm. You can break away from the Las Vegas Strip for a while to see some of the nearby natural attractions. These sites are as exciting and breathtaking as Las Vegas itself!

A Grand Canyon bus tour is the easiest way to travel to the canyon in one day from Las Vegas on our bus.

Take A Grand Canyon Bus Tour To Explore The South Rim Or West Rim Of The Grand Canyon

You can experience the wonder of a Grand Canyon day trip when you take a Grand Canyon bus tour to the South Rim or West Rim of the Grand Canyon. What is great about this bus trip is that you can travel in a luxurious motor coach and not hassle with the traffic, directions, and parking. Your luxury bus takes you right up to the park entrance, and you can get into the park or into the West Rim right away.

If you have not been to the Grand Canyon before, you should choose the Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour. This tour features several popular viewpoints, as well as Grand Canyon Village. Below are some further details about each of the more well-known viewpoints seen on Grand Canyon National Park bus tours.

Grand Canyon Bus Tour Viewpoints at the South Rim

Mather Point

Most South Rim bus tours begin here because Mather Point is located close to the entrance and visitor center of Grand Canyon National Park. It is named after the first superintendent of the park, Stephen Mather. Below this view lies Phantom Ranch, at the base of the canyons south rim. Mather Point sits at just above 7,000 feet. Therefore, the views here are an incredible introduction to the cliffs and outcroppings of the Grand Canyon South Rims landscape.

Yavapai Point

You can begin a walk from this viewpoint in the park or listen to a ranger talk. The Yavapai Observation Station allows you to learn more about the geological formation of the canyon and its evolution over time. You will gain a better insight about the canyon’s rock layers and the uplift and sculpting of the Colorado Plateau. Adding a guided walking tour to one of our tour packages is another great way to learn more about the canyon.

Yaki Point

You can only get to this viewpoint by shuttle during peak season at the park. Therefore, keep in mind if you want to visit this site, you might not have time during a single-day South Rim tour.

Grandview Point

This point, which is located at just under 7,500 feet, probably offers the most grand and panoramic view of the canyon – hence the name. From here, you can see landmarks, such as Rama Shrine, Vishnu Shrine, and Shiva Temple. You may also see a small outline of the Colorado River, located far below. This is another overlook that would be best seen during a multi-day trip to the canyon.

Hermit Road Viewpoints

You can visit great viewpoints while taking a shuttle along Hermit’s Road as well. They include Hopi, Pima, Maricopa, and Hermits Rest points. Hermit’s Road, itself, is well-known in Grand Canyon National Park. It was designed in 1934 and 1935, and can only be accessed by shuttle from March to November.

The Desert View Watchtower

This watchtower was built in 1932, and replicates the design of a prehistoric Native American tower. You can see the canyon from the tower as well as the San Francisco Peaks to the south and the Painted Desert on the east.

The architect, Mary Colter, wanted to construct a tower that provided a wide view of the canyon while maintaining a natural harmony. The Watchtower, which initially opened in 1933, is found at the east-most point of the South Rim. It is seven feet high and is the highest point at the South Rim. The interior walls display murals by a Native American Hopi artist, Fred Kabotie.

While the above viewpoints give you great view of the Grand Canyon outside of Grand Canyon Village, you can also access one primary viewpoint within the village itself. Don’t forget to include Lookout Studio on your Grand Canyon bus tour itinerary.

The Lookout Studio

The Lookout or Lookout Studio is a native and small stone building that has been built into the rim of the canyon. When you see it, it almost looks like the studio is emerging from the rock face. Made of rubble masonry, the building features an observation room and small balcony from which you can enjoy a great view of the Grand Canyons South Rim.

El Tovar Hotel

El Tovar Hotel is yet another reason to take a South Rim bus tour. This hotel was constructed in 1905 and was recently renovated to reflect its historic charm. The hotel sits at the rim of the canyon and provides some spectacular canyon views. The hotel contains a fine dining facility, which is open in the morning, at noon, and for dinner. You can also visit a curio shop and lounge inside the property.

Bright Angel Lodge

A favorite spot for visitors on Grand Canyon South Rim tours is this iconic lodge. Housing a gift shop, eatery, and rustic style interior, this lodge is a great place to explore and regroup.

Stop At The Grand Canyon Caverns

Each tour to the Grand Canyon South Rim includes a brief visit to the Grand Canyon Caverns on the way. Grand Canyon Caverns are located directly off of historic Route 66 just a short drive from Peach Springs, Arizona. They are not as well know as the Grand Canyon, but they are certainly as amazing.

Stopping at the caverns for one hour, you will have the chance to stretch your legs, explore the expansive property, and get your lunch included in the tour package. Additionally, while at the caverns, you can choose to add on a 45 minute caverns experience tour. This tour will take you nearly 300 feet underground in an elevator. You will then follow a guide who leads you to the large caverns.

There are two main rooms to experience in the caverns, both being larger than a football field. Each room of the cave has mesmerizing natural features to see. Your guide is an expert in the caverns history and environment so you will learn a lot along the way.

We are the only tour company in Vegas that includes a stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns. This makes our Grand Canyon tours more special and valuable than a typical Grand Canyon tour.

Review A Map Of Your Destination Before You Go

Before you take a Grand Canyon bus tour by luxury bus, you will want to get a map of your tour destination. This will help you familiarize yourself with some of the sights within Grand Canyon National Park and the South Rim, or help you learn more about the attractions featured at the West Rim.

Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Tour To Grand Canyon West

You may decide to take a Grand Canyon West Rim bus tour instead. The West Rim tour price varies slightly from the South Rim due to the difference in tour features. One main attraction at the West Rim is the famous Skywalk Bridge. This horseshoe-designed glass bridge juts out 70 feet over the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. When you look down, all you see is down into the canyon floor. In fact, you can see 4,000 feet down. If you are nervous about walking a mile above the canyon, you need not worry. The Skywalk can hold as many as 70 filled-to-capacity 747 jet planes.

It is great to take a luxury Grand Canyon Skywalk tour, as you will arrive earlier in the day and can beat the crowds during peak season. You also have this advantage when you sign up for a Grand Canyon bus tour to see the South Rim. Either way, your travel is easier and more convenient, especially when you choose one of the tours hosted by Grand Vegas Tours.

One thing to note is that you cannot take a camera or cell phone onto the Skywalk. You can, however, buy photos from Skywalk photographers.

Additionally, Skywalk tickets are not included in the tour price for our West Rim Bus Tours. The Skywalk is an optional addition to what our tour includes due to the fact that not every guest wants to participate.

Enjoying The Sky View Restaurant

While visiting the Skywalk during your Grand Canyon bus tour, you can stop at the Sky View Restaurant for a bite to eat. Not only can you savor American cuisine, you can also see panoramic views of Eagle Point (an outcropping that looks like an eagle) and the Skywalk. Enjoy one of the menu favorites, such as Mango Habanero Wings and a glass of wine.

Catch An Afternoon Or Evening Native American Show

Prior to departure from the West Rim, you may also catch a Native American show at the West Rim’s amphitheater. Shows take place at 1:00 and 5:00 pm daily. Stop by the Indian Village and drop in at the Native American Gift Shop for souvenirs. You can find handcrafted items made by the Mohave, Hopi, and Hualapai tribes. To learn more about Hualapai culture, stop over to Hualapai Ranch.

Deciding When You Will Visit

If you decide to go to the South Rim on a Grand Canyon bus tour, expect to spend more travel time on the bus. You will have an earlier hotel pickup time, around 6:00 am, as the South Rim is the farther of the two canyon tours from Las Vegas. Expect to travel for about 5 hours and spend about 3 hours in the South Rim.

If you opt to go to the West Rim on a Grand Canyon bus tour, you will spend less time on the bus. You will get to the West Rim faster, as it is closer to Vegas. Expect to get to your destination in about 3 hours and spend about 4 hours at the location.

The South Rim And West Rim – Comparing The Two Locales

While the South Rim is part of the Grand Canyon National Park, the West Rim is owned by the Hualapai Native American tribe. The Hualapai tribe also constructed the Skywalk bridge. Some other points of interest at the West Rim include Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch.

The South Rim is generally more crowded than the West Rim because it features two visitor centers and is part of the US national park system. Experts recommend that first-time canyon visitors visit the South Rim. That is because this part of the canyon features visitor centers and IMAX entertainment which introduce guests to the canyon.

The West Rim is more remote. It offers zip lining, but fewer viewpoints. However, you will be rewarded with a great view and experience when you step out on the Skywalk. One benefit is that the West Rim has more diverse upgrades available to guests who take Grand Canyon West Rim bus tours. There are pontoon boat tours along the Colorado River, a Grand Canyon helicopter air tour, and other adventurous additions that can be made. Helicopter tours must be planned a few hours in advance, so let your tour guide know if you are interested in adding one.

With the right tour guide, any South or West Rim tours can be exactly what you have dreamed of.

Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Tour Via Grand Vegas Tours

Our fleet is ready to serve all your Grand Canyon bus tour needs, as we only provide top-of-the-line luxury bus services. Therefore, you can arrive in Vegas in style and go to the Grand Canyon in style as well. You will love the environmental comfort control feature in our buses as well as the many amenities. During your trip, you will also get to see the Hoover Dam as you cross over the memorial bridge across from the dam. Therefore, you really get a lot of value for your travel dollar.

Grand Canyon bus tours run everyday with luxury buses like this from Las Vegas.

Visiting Hoover Dam

To shorten travel time, you can go on a tour that goes to the Hoover Dam for the day. It takes about 5 hours to visit the dam and return to the Vegas Strip. Regardless of what Las Vegas tours you choose, all you transport needs will be furnished with top-of-the-line buses.

Again, you can choose to take a small group tour on a luxury Mercedes Sprinter or opt for a large luxury bus. Either way, you will see Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon the way it should be seen. Premium suspension systems on both buses ensure a smooth, comfortable, and non-distracting ride.

Booking A Luxury Grand Canyon Bus Tour Or Hoover Dam Tour

To book one of these fleet buses for a Grand Canyon bus tour or Hoover Dam trip, you can easily go online and make a reservation. Just make sure you won’t need to cancel and you want to go on the day you book travel. Otherwise, you cannot get a refund if you don’t provide 24 hours’ notice.

To book your Grand Canyon bus tour, you can email Grand Vegas Tours at info@grandvegastours.com. Or you can select a date under the tour you wish to take. After you hit “Book Now” you can add any other travel options you want.

For instance, if you book a West Rim Grand Canyon bus tour, you can choose to take a helicopter and/or boat ride, or pay for the entrance ticket at the Skywalk ahead of time. Once you provide your travel plans, you will fill out the booking details. Details such as your name and lunch selection, which is always provided on Grand Canyon bus tours.

Get Ready To Experience A Grand Canyon Bus Tour Or Hoover Dam Adventure

Guests can choose from a veggie wrap, turkey, or ham sandwich meal plan as our tours have lunch included. Next, you only need to add your billing details and method of payment – credit car or PayPal. It is as simple as that. You are set for one of our fleet buses on your Grand Canyon bus tour or Hoover Dam trip!

A One-In-A-Million Travel Experience

Once you book, all you have to do is be at the pickup point on the day of the trip. Our friendly tour guides and bus drivers will make sure your trip is both pleasant and informative. By providing luxury bus service, we can guarantee that your trip will be a one-in-million travel experience. Why not combine the excitement of Vegas with the thrill of seeing the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam? Contact Grand Vegas Tours online and book your day trip now.

Simple To Book Online And Make A Day Trip Reservation

It’s easy to book travel thanks to our online booking system. You can book and pay for your trip on the same day. Make sure to like us on Facebook so you can share your tour experience!

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