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About Us


Grand Canyon tours are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here is a little about us to let you know how we do business. Grand Vegas Tours is based on one simple idea: providing the best tour service to guests at the best price. With Grand Vegas Tours, you can enjoy all the best amenities at the best price on our Grand Canyon tours.

Convenient Hotel Pickup And Drop Off

Grand Vegas Tours features a full range of tour options that are both affordable and inclusive. We offer luxury Hoover Dam, West Rim, and South Rim bus tours. One perk of choosing a trip from Las Vegas with us is our convenient pickup and dropoff system. We pickup guests early in the morning either at or nearby your Las Vegas hotel. This way, your day trip will begin on time and you will not have to travel very far to meet your tour guide.

Luxury Bus Tours

Our luxury buses are equipped with all the amenities you expect to make your day trip from Las Vegas both relaxing and fun. The Grand Canyon tours that we provide enable you to learn more about the sights along the journey. Our trained and knowledgeable tour guides will share interesting facts and stories about the history of the area as you travel. This gives you a chance to sit back, relax, and see beautiful scenery from panoramic windows.

Leave The Driving To Our Friendly Bus Drivers

There are a few great benefits to taking scheduled tours of the Grand Canyon. One is that you don’t have to worry about driving or finding parking once you arrive at your destination. Our bus drivers are skilled, friendly, and accommodating. Therefore, you can leave the driving completely to them on your Grand Canyon day tour.

Choose From Our Great Tour Options

If you want to break away from Vegas and join one of the Grand Canyon tours, you can do so with Grand Vegas Tours. We have multiple Grand Canyon destinations available to travel to. We can accommodate your tour needs to the Grand Canyon South Rim or the canyon’s West Rim. You can even choose a shorter half day trip when you book Hoover Dam tours if you want to stay closer to the Strip. When you choose a popular tour such as the above options, you can be assured you will get the best tour available.

What Makes Our Tour Company Different

There are many Grand Canyon tour operators to choose from in the Las Vegas area. When you choose Grand Vegas Tours for a Grand Canyon South Rim bus tour, a West Rim bus tour, or a Hoover Dam tour, you can experience the following:

  • All of our busses feature on board restrooms, comfortable, adjustable seats, TVs, and free WiFi.
  • Each tour includes an on board tour guide who gives details about the sights you are seeing. Every excursion has a tour with optional add-ons as well. One add on is a walking tour guide that continues leading you once you arrive at whichever rim of the Grand Canyon you travel to.
  • We are the only tour company that stops at the Grand Canyon Caverns. See this amazing natural attraction on the way to any of our South Rim tours.
  • We give back to the community. Part of the purchase cost we receive from Grand Canyon visitors goes to the local organization, the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.
  • We are a family-owned tour company, so we are committed to giving each Grand Canyon visitor an authentic family-oriented experience.
  • Ofrecemos tours en español.

Small Group Luxury Grand Canyon Tours

If you want to travel with a small group of people, you can choose this option for your Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. Each of our canyon rim bus tour options can be taken with a rim VIP upgrade. The difference between a regular South Rim tour or Grand Canyon West experience and the small group option is how you travel.

In our normal tours, groups ride on a 55 passenger van and stick to a group schedule. With our rim VIP tours, you will travel on a 14 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van. You will also have more control over your schedule on a small group VIP tour. This makes any small group tour friendlier and more personalized.

Private Custom Grand Canyon Tours

If you wish to schedule a customized tour of the Grand Canyon, you can do so through Grand Vegas Tours. Planning a special event, family reunion, wedding, or retreat for your office staff? If so, we are experts in planning customized Grand Canyon tours that are both memorable and reasonable in cost.

Whether you want to add a Grand Canyon helicopter flight, an air tour, or even a white water rafting tour on the Colorado River, we can connect you with the necessary people.

Stop At The Grand Canyon Caverns And Travel Route 66

Each tour to the Grand Canyon we include a visit to the Grand Canyon Caverns on the way. Grand Canyon Caverns are located directly off of historic Route 66. As you drive along Route 66 for over 50 miles, you will feel the history and nostalgia of the famous road. Additionally, your tour guide will share interesting history of the area to keep you even more entertained.

Stopping at the caverns for one hour, you will have the chance to stretch your legs, explore the expansive property, and get your lunch included in the tour package. Additionally, while at the caverns, you can choose to add on a 45-minute caverns experience tour. This tour will take you over 200 feet underground in an elevator. You will then follow a guide who leads you to the large caverns.

We are the only tour company in Vegas that includes a stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns. This makes our Grand Canyon tours more special and valuable than a typical Grand Canyon tour.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Taking one of the Grand Canyon tours provided by Grand Vegas Tours will give you a chance to really experience the canyon without worry. All you need to do is leave the driving to an experienced bus driver and rely on the knowledge of our friendly tour guides.

Scheduling South Rim Tours

If you have never visited the Grand Canyon before, you are in for a treat when you start with a Grand Canyon South Rim day trip. Most people, who have not visited the Grand Canyon, opt for a South Rim tour. This area of the Grand Canyon is part of Grand Canyon National Park. It has a large number of attractions and viewpoints, as well as a wonderful visitor’s center.

See The Park Attractions And Overlooks

Once you are inside, Grand Canyon National Park tours are full of outdoor activities and views. You can take the park shuttle or walk to major attractions. One major attraction at the South Rim is Grand Canyon Village – a National Historic Landmark site. In the village, you will stop by the visitor center to get more information. From there you can also visit Bright Angel lodge, which boasts one of the best views of the canyon.

Popular Points To Visit On Grand Canyon Tours

Tours in Grand Canyon South allow visitors to see over 50 viewpoints. Some of the more popular points on Grand Canyon tours include Mather Point and Hermit’s Rest.

Mather Point is normally the first viewpoint park visitors see because it is closely located to the Visitor Center. The view from Mather Point is so expansive that on a clear day you can nearly see all the way across the canyon to the Grand Canyon North Rim. While the north canyon rim is not too far away as the crow flies, it takes about 5 hours to drive there from the South Rim.

If you venture along the west edge of the South Rim, you will come to Hermit’s Rest. Mary Colter, a famous Grand Canyon architect, built this building so it would easily blend in with the canyon’s cliffs. Today, you can take some fantastic photos at this site near Grand Canyon.

You can also visit one of the gift shops where you can buy souvenirs and unique Native American crafts. Stop at Market Plaza, the gift shop at El Tovar Hotel, and Kolb Studio to see what the canyon has to offer. It is always nice to remember Grand Canyon tours by bringing home a special object from the trip.

Additionally, you can drop in and learn more about the canyon at the Yavapai Museum of Geology. This museum is located along the Trail of Time. Along the South Rim tour, this is the trail you travel that provides incredible canyon floor views.

Another interesting site to see is the Grand Canyon Railway Depot. This is located behind the El Tovar hotel and is where the Grand Canyon Train pulls in to park when it arrives at the canyon.

Stop By The Visitor Center First

The best thing to do, if you have not visited the South Rim is to visit the visitor’s center first. Here, you can get any questions answered through staff members. They can give you further details about hiking trails, attractions, and rim tours in general.

Taking The Rim Trail

Once you have spent some time at the visitors center, your next stop is Mather Point Overlook. You can take some great pictures of the canyon from this point. The Rim Trail is a path that you will want to take as well. The paved walking trail follows the canyon’s rim for 13 miles. It spans from the South Kaibab Trailhead and ends at Hermit’s Rest.

The path is ideal for anyone who is not used to more strenuous hiking, as it is level and features a mix of shade and sun. This part of the park has been touted as one of the most beautiful scenic walks on the North American continent. Therefore, you will be rewarded with lovely views the whole distance of the path. This is surely the best that Grand Canyon land tours has to offer.

See The Yavapai Geological Museum And Walk The Bright Angel Trail

The geological museum in the park is indeed interesting, as the surrounding view represents the canyon geology well. You can learn more about how the rocks formed over thousands of years, and how the canyon evolved by the erosive action of the Colorado River.

You can see Bright Angel Trail from this vantage point too. The trail is a well-maintained dirt hiking trail that starts west of Bright Angel Lodge. Both mule trains and hikers regularly take the pathway. Be cautious if you are traveling in early spring or in the winter, as the upper part of the path can by icy and slick. This trail leads down to the Colorado River. It is not advised for people visiting the park for the day to make this whole hike as it takes a long time to travel to the bottom of the canyon.

Visiting The West Rim

Some visitors prefer to visit the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Unlike the South Rim, this part of the Grand Canyon is owned and operated by the Hualapai tribe.

People taking West Rim Grand Canyon tours usually do so to see the amazing engineering marvel, the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This cantilever bridge is a horseshoe shaped platform that allows visitors to see down into the canyon’s depths.

Don’t be worried about the fact the platform is made of glass. The bridge can hold a lot of people. In fact, the Grand Canyon SkyWalk can support as many as 800 200-pound people. However, the maximum occupancy stands at 120. The resilient bridge is also made to withstand hurricane force winds and 8.0 earthquakes.

When visiting the West Rim on Grand Canyon tours, guests also get to visit sites, such as Eagle Point. The rock outcropping takes the form of an eagle, therefore giving it the name Eagle Point. Another viewpoint on the West Rim is Guano Point, another place to capture spectacular views.

Enjoy Lunch On Grand Canyon Tours

Enjoy a repast at the Guano Deli, which is located at the canyon’s West Rim edge. Highpoint Hike is yet another natural attraction that cannot be missed at Grand Canyon West. Enjoy a 360-degree view of the canyon and the Colorado River too. Guano Point also features the remains of a historic tram that once transported guano from an operating mine. The tram stretched 8,800 feet along the length of the canyon.

Zip Line At Grand Canyon’s West Rim

The outdoor activities do not end there. If standing on the edge of the canyon is not enough, the West Rim also features a zip line. The ride will send you flying at speeds as fast as 40 mph. If you are a thrill seeker, you will get your adrenaline rush here.

Planning Your Day Trip To South Rim Or West Rim

Wherever you choose to go- Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West, or Hoover Dam, we make sure we have your plans set before you go. Something important about us is that we can provide the answers you need for planning your Grand Canyon tours itinerary.

That is why it is important to use a travel provider when you plan to tour Grand Canyon locations. We can help you enjoy the canyon, and give you the information you need to do so safely.

We Know All About Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon tours allow vacationers to experience the excitement of Vegas along with the amazing scenery of the surrounding landscape. That is why we, at Grand Vegas Tours, take pride in the tour services we provide. Grand Canyon tours with us go above and beyond as we are intimately familiar with the features of both the South Rim and West Rim.

When you schedule one of our Grand Canyon tours, you will find booking to be an easy process. Cancellation is simple too, you just need to give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel and receive a refund.

Book Grand Canyon Tours Online Today

People who visit Vegas find taking a Grand Canyon bus tour relieves a lot of the stress involved with travel planning. Whether you want to coordinate a customized trip with us or wish to book one of our daily tours, you will get to where you are going conveniently and fast. Book online today or call our office for further information at 888-866-4135.

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If you are planning a vacation to Vegas, don’t forget to make a day trip to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam as part of your travel plans. We make any Vegas trip a fun and memorable holiday.

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